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Monday, 19 September 2011


It's been such a whirlwind moving from Oxfordshire to Bournemouth, I'm only just starting to feel like i can catch up with myself!

The job at HOF is going well and the flat is coming together (photos to be posted when it's all finished). I even think I'm even cured of my shopping addiction! There's something about dressing other people that makes you less inclined to make purchases yourself. I'm not complaining.

So in the last 7 weeks or so I've been battling with the local housing benefit system (it's still not worked itself out but that's a whole stress you don't need me to bore you with), and getting stuck into my new job.

Getting to know the local area has been great. I've sampled some local Turkish food (totally scrummy)

Dipped my toes in the sea and been amused by the different characters that come out, human and animal alike.

Enjoyed wonderful visitors (friends and family).

Re-visited Fired Earth for a spot more painting

Explored Christchurch

Been amused by local window displays

Enjoyed too many coffees

and enjoyed the local art

Moving here was definitely the right thing to do, just having the sea so close works wonders for the soul and the hustle and bustle of the town is great for a bit of inspiration.

Now.... time to go and catch up on all your blog posts!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sorry it's been a while

I'm finally moved (how much do i love the sea!) and back on line. Hooray!

Having no Internet connection for the last month has been like some form of torture. I did a little skip when my new connection went live.

Before the end of the coming week I'll do a post to up-date you all on the relocation, new job, etc, etc

Thanks for sticking with me whilst I've been away xxx