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Sunday, 6 July 2014

New Love......

Meet the new love of my life...... Freckle

This little chap joined me over a week ago and I'm already besotted!

Day 1 - lots of hiding under the sofa

Day 2 - Getting bold!

Just like his mum he has a thing for shoes (not to mention plastic and metal)!

 Drunk on love :-)

Flexing his guns

and just being too darn cute for his own good......

He's now my 6am alarm clock and my evening crash buddy. Something tells me this is a forever story.......

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Time Spent Well....

.... is time spent with treasured friends.

Ms N, is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She is beautiful and strong in so many more ways than she will ever give herself credit for (and right now, probably hugely embarrassed that I just wrote that).

'Outings' have become a regular feature of time spent together and today we got to nose around Kingston Lacy. I'll leave you to do your own research on the house, just know that it is worth visit and a walk around the lovely gardens.

If you do go, look out for this rather dapper young chap - who wouldn't want to accessorise with their very own feathered bow tie (see, it's the feather thing again).

Anyway, friendship is a funny thing isn't it. Today, after knowing Ms N for 22 years (eek) I discovered that we both have a dislike of cherubs. Who says that friends can't still surprise you.

I don't know where our next outing will take us and what we will learn but I can't wait. Thank you Ms N, you're the best!

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Fashion Obsessed

I'm a little bit obsessed with maxi length t-shirt dresses at the moment.

Maybe the reason can be attributed to my near constant day dreaming of summer holidays and cool nights walking on the beach (I'm really not a winter person).


I'm also quite a lot in love with this dress (one of my other obsessions being feathers)

And to accessorise?  Learn from the best and snatch a baby deer

Sunday, 22 September 2013

My own private gateway to hell.........sometimes!

Over the last 10 months I have been committing myself to getting fit - not something that comes easily to me given I would rather be scoffing a bag of sweets and lounging on the sofa.

I am lucky enough to have a personal trainer at a local MMA club, The Phoenix, whose patience has seen me go from asthmatic pit pony to someone who can do a reasonably tough work out (and yes i do bitch the whole way through - like I said it doesn't come easy!).

There are a couple of reasons I've stuck at it this time round, firstly I found someone who could train me in a way that built up enough trust for me to really engage in the sport. Secondly the guys (and girls) at the Phoenix are genuinely passionate about their sport and that makes it a pleasure to be in their space.

So this is where I get pounded and dropped on my ass 2/ 3 times a week

Today's challenge From 'M' - 10 exercises, 10 sets of 10 reps on each one (in any combination). If you can do your Math you'll have calculated that's a 1000 reps with the added bonus of running round the matting at random intervals. 

After yesterday's Kickboxing and Abs class I made it to 950 before i needed some serious pushing to get through the last 50. 

On the plus side - I did get to reward myself with these puppies for all my hard work. 

What's your sport of choice?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

What would you wear.......

on your skin?

It's always a big debate isn't it. Tattoos - where, what, why.

I'm a big lover of tattoos as most people will know, particularly old school. I often spend time browsing for old photographs and looking for inspiration for my next piece. Don't get me wrong, I love good tattoos (there are far too many bad ones out there) especially where they have clear thought and meaning behind them. A good tattooist isn't something you can take for granted - do your research and find one that works in a way that will compliment and enhance your own aesthetic.

I'll be going down the route of two Swallows (Japanese wire tail), maybe some blossom detail as well. Whilst I continue to search for my reference pieces I thought I would leave you with these beautiful finds.

unless they are really, really bad!

Image: Unknown

I love the intimacy and concentration in this photo

Amore modern take that really caught my eye