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Sunday, 4 December 2011

All that glitters....

Christmas. It's here.

Carols and other Christmas songs are playing in the shops and the streets are busy with shoppers looking to tick another gift from their 'to buy list'.

So far my only concession to Christmas is a table mat with little robins on it. No tree. No glitter. I do love Christmas but this year I'm just not feeling it yet.

I know I'll enjoy Christmas day, the UK based family will be coming for dinner and we'll get to walk along the sea front. I've made most of my gifts so there will be presents to open and laugh over.  The true spirit will be with me on the day it just hasn't arrived yet.

Pondering my navel, as i am prone to do, i started making up a dream list of perfect Christmas locations. Hard to describe in words what pulls me to these fantasy locations but essentially i have long craved a tropical get away and a winter wonderland. Polar opposites but then why have every Christmas the same. Here are some images that say it better than i can.....

A Tropical Christmas Retreat (Barry Manilow Esq)

A winter wonderland get away (think Wham and Last Christmas)

I would so love a husky ride!

Closer to home, I've just had my works Christmas meal. It was very nice and very civilised. Had i of known that everyone was going to wear black (apart from the one girl in green) i might not have been brave enough to go out like this. Still there are worse things than looking like a snow ball against the night sky..... it is Christmas after all !!!!

p.s why do legs always look nice and slim in the mirror yet chunky on photographs. Answers on a postcard to the North Pole please.