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Thursday, 21 July 2011

The 'You look lovely' Dress

As i walked to get the bus this morning a lady smiled at me, wished me good morning then told me i looked lovely.

When i was waiting for my bus, a middle aged gentleman told me i was a very attractive young lady.

When i got off the bus and started walking through Oxford, a young man declared my dress to be wonderful.

Seriously, i've never had a day so full of compliments. This little number will have to come out more often!

Dress: Whistles

Shoes: Zara

Belt: Jigsaw

Green Tie Top: Kew

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Empty Rooms

I don't know what it is about empty rooms, but i kinda like them. I like them a lot in fact.

Maybe it's the blank canvas that appeals to me, the opportunity to impose what ever I like on the space. Endless possibilities waiting to be plucked from the imagination.

Maybe it's the slight echo off the bare walls, a kind of whisper.

Whatever it is my resolution is to live with less clutter. Plain, simple, functional, comfortable will be my new mantra. Lets see how long it lasts!

It took a lot of clearing to get this room emptied!

Friday, 15 July 2011

A Guide to Packing (for that break away)

Having spent the last week debating what clothes to take with me ready for my move to Bournemouth, i started to think about how we pack for our holidays. I need to take just enough to keep me going in my new job for two weeks whilst i wait for the rest of my belongings and clothes to join me.

My new job is in retail so i need to make sure i pack clothes that are versatile and on-trend.

I still haven't decided on what I'm taking but i did check out some packing guides on the net, this one from caught my attention - see what you think!

Packing Essentials

  • If you won't wear it more than three times, don't bring it!
  • Pack light, wash frequently, buy it if you need it
  • Your pack should weigh about 20 percent of your body weight, preferably no more than 20 pounds
  • Limit yourself to one carry-on size bag: 9" x 21" x 13"
  • A week before your trip, pack your bag with everything you think you want to take, and carry it around for a day. Is it comfortable? Too heavy? Better to know now than later!
I thought the third line was so funny, it would give me the equivalent of a hanky!

So my ideal suitcase - well it would contain some of the following

Vanessa Bruno Jacket

with a cute silk top and

Phillip Lim Trousers

Alexander McQueen Dress

Alexander McQueen

Diane Von Furstenburg Dress

See By Chloe Dress (for the beach!)

Bottega Veneta Wedge

Diane Von Furstenburg Dress

with these Lanvin Boots - divine!

Yves Saint Laurent

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Part Three - Getting Inspired

Cycling along the sea front, watching these kite boarders gave me pause for thought. I don't know if I'll ever be brave enough to try this as a water sport (knowing my luck i would be blown out to sea) but i fully intend to get a few sessions booked on a jet ski

and if you're not the energetic type you can always hope on the train that takes you from one end of the coast line to the other.

Wearing my By Malene Birger dress that got a stare factor of 6 (i now rate clothes by stare factor)

One of the main reasons I'm so excited about the move down to Bournemouth is to do with my art. I can't wait to start creating pieces inspired by all the natural beauty and vibrant youth of the City.

As a thank you to Claire for having me stay i decided to gift a hand painted bowl, it was such fun. I managed to spend a good couple of hours in 'All fired Up'

As well as all the walking, cycling, pub quizzing, eating out, job hunting, flat hunting and coffee drinking we also had some time to walk around great shops like these. 

and i thought this was just the cutest terracotta pot man I've seen in a long time

My beloved Danni Beck shoes that prompted a 'great shoes' comment from a local resident of Winton.

As well as painting, we got crafty with the sewing machine, all in aid of a fancy dress birthday celebration.

Say hello to the faux bride and the tutu bootastic ballerina! Stare Factor 10!

Hilarious evening had by all!

The next night was slightly more civilised with a dinner in Charminster. Check out my profiteroles :-)

And finally, here's what my hand painted bowl effort looked like after is got back from being glazed.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

The Start Of A Dream = Part Two

Sorry it's taken me so long but quite a lot has happened in the last week. I popped down to Bournemouth for a job interview on Friday (with Beales department store) and ......... I start in two weeks!

I can hardly believe it. So happy!

So from a very joyful place here is part two of my Bournemouth trip

beau Vintage Boutique (1920's - 1980's). What a gem of a find.

It really annoys me that most vintage places are just warehouses for tat - this place though is the real deal. They have wonderful pieces that are affordable and in good condition. They also have a seamstress who will make alterations to the clothes for you if the fit isn't quite right.

I did walk away from here with a couple of pieces. As soon as I style them i'll post them on the blog :-)

After a bit of Vintage shopping i hung out at the Winton Carnival (why don't we have more carnivals?). It was such a great parade, the bands were definitely my favourite.

Some local curiosities

The gardens on the walk to the pier

stay tuned for more.........