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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Art Giveaway

To say a big thank you to all my readers i have decided to give away one of my original ink miniatures. The miniature is framed by a 13" x 18" mount.

Some of you will know this work already but to those of you who are new to it, they are small pen drawings coloured with scented inks.

The one i am giving away signifies 'Journey', it seemed the most appropriate at this point in time.

So to win......

All you have to do is follow my blog via the 'Follow' button on the left hand side. All the names of my followers will go into a hat on the 1st May (2011) and from that hat i will pick one winner at random.

I will contact the winner direct so please make sure you are linked to an e-mail address.

Good luck!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Weekend Reflections

What have you been reflecting on this weekend?

For the first time since living in the village of Faringdon i took a walk to the local Folly Park.  As ashamed as i am to admit this is the first time i've explored that particular section of my own 'back yard' my efforts were well rewarded.

Whilst ambling along i happened across a pond that was just alive with tadpoles. Seeing those little black dots brought back memories of being a child and the wonder of seeing frog spawn turn into tadpoles.

For other inspiring reflections please use the link below to go to James for this weeks 'Weekend Reflections

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New Art Work

I've been feeling a bit stuck with the painting side of things at the moment so i decided to break out the inks.

Here's my version of a March Hare and a Parrot

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It's a good thing my favourite colour of the moment is Orange

So as you know i ventured into the hairdresser yesterday with a request that she take my bleached white hair to a softer mix of colours. The purpose is to move away from monthly colouring (or bleaching in my case) so i can save pennies.

It's actually no easy task but we ended up weaving through three colours. She warned me at the start that some of it would look orange - unavoidable if i want to get dark tones through my hair (and i didn't want an all over chestnut).

Here's what i started with

And here's what i ended up with.....

The orange will go a warm brown at the next (and last) session but even putting this aside i have to confess - i love it!

It's made my skin look sooooo much better having some warmth back in my hair. I think this is one i will definitely be sticking with.

Now for the next challenge - no hair washing until Thursday. Eek!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Hair Dilemma

As most of you will know i lose my job on the 13th May. It's been a long time coming and there are plenty of decisions that i will need to make to adjust to a new (skint) lifestyle.

One of the casualties of joining the jobless will be my hair. It's currently bleached to within an inch of it's life which costs a few pretty pennies each month. Such extravagant spending will need to stop which leaves me in a bit of a pickle

I feel something like this

You can see that my hair is naturally dark - thus the dilemma. I need to find a colour that will blend with my dark hair without reverting back to brown

What would you do?

These are a few images that i'll be taking into the hairdresser as an idea

(Images courtesy of

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The Visit

Apologies for my silence over the last few days - A very close friend has just been to visit from the depths of Burnley so i've been away from the computer. We've had a wonderful couple of days catching up, cooking, eating and doing some sight seeing around Oxford.

For a cultured day out we decided to go to the Ashmolean (it never fails to leave an impression).

The day seemed to have a touch of the comic about it, from the pensioner who limbo danced under a barrier in the cafe to the woman who stopped us because we smelt so good she had to know what the scent was!

Maybe it was these two events that made me aware of just how comically some faces can be rendered in works of art. Walking around i noticed how comic expression was translated through so many different generations and nations, not to mention mediums.

Here are two of my favourites that made me stop and smile (most days i feel like the second expression!)

Artist - Utagawa Kunisada

I also thought this little fella was funny

Of course we couldn't finish the day without taking our own goofy shots

Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Yellow Vest

OK so this one is for Sheila.

On my wedding post i featured a yellow vest by Tibi. A pricey little number which puts it outside an average budget.

Here are some lower priced tops that are equally as gorgeous (the last one is my absolute favourite - it's a poke you in the eye kind of yellow)..... enjoy!

Not forgetting a great pair of Boots of course!
All from Zara and priced (top down) £29.99, £59.99 and £69.99

If those don't do it for you then try these

Topshop priced (top down) £30 and £32

Saturday, 9 April 2011


What do you wear to a wedding? It seems to be a topic of some debate with the Royal Wedding ready to take place later this month.

Here are some ideas if you find yourself as a wedding guest and in need of some inspiration....

If a pretty dress is your thing these are really lovely investment pieces. When i spend money on a special outfit which requires more than the usual outlay (and i have never spent this much by the way - i know some of you will be wondering!) i always make sure that the piece i buy can be worn for multiple events. This strategy lessens the guilt and i'm all for unburdening.


              Paul & Joe Swallow Printed Tea Dress       Moschino Cheap & Chic Bow Front Boucle Dress                                       £279.00 (Harrods)                                  £499.00 (Harrods)

Not having been a dress person until quite recently my favourite choice would have always been separates. I like to know i can get several outfits out of one (it's that guilt thing again) so smart white trousers and statement tops are usually a winner (although i will admit to being in something of an 'all things romantic' mood at the moment so expect to see me wafting around in Maxi's with a title of Lady Chatterley's Lover this summer!). 

Tibi Silk Crepe de Chine top - £150.00 (Net a Porter)
Delicate Donna Trousers - £87.00 (French Connection)

For a wedding or any other outing that requires a 'smart' edge or good dose of confidence boosting i like to strap on some statement shoes, probably the highest ones i can find because as my friends say, i do like to 'totter'. The strap is for safety and to avoid that awkward 'just walked out of your own shoes' moment (yes it's happened).

 Once the event has passed i would head straight for the boots - as well as tottering about i like to stomp. A hang up related to my somewhat petite stature apparently.

These are some of my favourite heels. Clockwork from top left:

Elizabeth and James Minx Platform - £375.00 (ASOS)

Miss KG Dahlia Platform Suede Shoes - £85.00 (Miss KG)

Miss KG Eve Platform Heeled Court - £75.00 (Miss KG)

Report Signature Calyer Caged Platform Court Shoes - £260.00 (ASOS)

These boots are amazing - think white trousers roughly rolled up. I could stomp all day!

Oriana Tan - £110.00 (Jones the Bootmaker) 

All that's left is a jacket or throw (or both).

Amalfi Linear Leaf Silk Print Scarf - £12.00 (Accessorize)

Extended Shoulder Leather Jacket - £250.00 (Whistles)

Leopard Print Scarf - £29.00 (East)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Weekend Reflections

The word 'Reflect' or "Reflection' always seems to be loaded with the infinite.

I've been reflecting on many things these last several months not least what it means to be me at this point in time and what i want going into an uncertain future.

I'm learning to use new words for myself such as fragile, gentle, caring; replacing worn out words like hard, cold and strong.

This image captures what i am so hopeless at saying in words, that there are many versions of ourselves depending on who's looking and from what angle. What really matters is that we aren't our own 'elephant in the room'. Recognising the things you don't like or that others find difficult about you is just part of the process of laying your demons to rest. The more honest you can be with yourself and others around you the fewer skeletons to dance with.

For other reflections please use the below link to go to James for this weeks 'Weekend Reflections'.