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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The best of this months

I tend to devour quite a lot of the monthly magazines, being lucky enough to have several on subscription.

Here are my favourite bits from Red (R), Marie Claire (M), Elle (E) and Cosmo (C), including discount/ offer codes.  Of course i couldn't post without adding some photographs and paintings ......

My obsession with the colours yellow and orange continue unhindered. These young women, or rather the balloon, caught my eye whilst out and about in Oxford. I have no idea why they were holding balloons but it made me smile.

I was in Oxford to attend a meeting as part of my redundancy. In my wisdom i had decided to wear heels (or wedges to be precise) to add height to my petite frame. Why? - well being a few inches taller makes me feel more confident and i need every boost i can get at the moment. Not having worn heels for quite some time i was walking at what i considered to be a reasonable pace (whilst also taking care not to fall over) when i got over taken by this granny. The shame.........

So picking through my magazines, here are the bits that really caught my eye

(E) Viscose Dress - The Salon at Asos 

(E) Raffia and canvas Wedges - Dorothy Perkins

To enter go to

(E) Silk mix vest - River Island

(E) Dress - Dorothy Perkins

(E) Suede shoes - Carvela

T-Bar Wedges - New Look
I am loving the idea of DIY pieces - does anyone know of a good leather crafting course in Oxford?
I love this combination. Does SJP ever get it wrong!

Can he/ she? Would you be brave enough to put yourself in someone else's hands?

(C) Wedges - Dune

(C) Lace Dress - George

(C) Bedspread - Marks and Spencers

(M) Henna Tattoo - I'm thinking of doing my legs this summer

To claim the 20% discount go to '' and enter the code 'MCLAIRE'

(M) Wedges - Dorothy Perkins
Is it me or are Dorothy Perkins really upping their game!

Suede Wedges (Kurt Geiger)
I'll be rocking this look this summer. Ok, the locals down in the mumbles may not get it but at least i wont burn!

To claim the discount go to and enter code MC579

(M) Dress - Marc Jacobs
Cloggs - Georgina Goodman

How perfect is this outfit. I love everything about it!

 (M) A young Jackie O - beautiful picture

(M) Silk Twill Dress - Calvin Klein
Shoes - Calvin Klein

(M) Silk Dress - Matthew Williamson 

(M) Lace Dress - Flying A

(M) Love Love Love this Bed - Try the French Bed Company for similar

The start of an oil painting inspired by all these wonderful zesty colours.
Painting by me 
(R) Sequin and Chiffon Dress - Malene Birger

(R) Dress - H&M

(R) Jumpsuit - Halston Heritage

(R) Velvet Dress - Day Birger & Mikkelsen
Boots - Swedish Hasbeens

(R) Lace Dress - Dolce & Gabbana

(R) - Details not given
 You will all know i love art work (my walls are covered in it). I fell in love with this portrait as soon as i saw it. The colours are beautiful and the detail is just stunning. What are your favourite pieces of art work?

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Monday, 28 March 2011

What makes a home

I will be upping sticks this year to chase my life long dream of settling by the sea.

I imagine i will be in a form of transit for quite a while so i'm having to think laterally about where i will live during that transitionary period.

Anyway, it got me thinking about homes that aren't your standard brick built two up, two down.

My first choice would definitely be a house boat. It would need to be something on the scale of David Gilmour's Astoria Houseboat Recording Studio to accommodate all my painting, photography and other misc items but a girl can dream right

Second on the list would be some form of camper van. I love the idea of being able to take your home wherever you want to go. I think this would be right up my street (and i can fit a roof rack for my easel!)

Third and final on the list would be a yurt, settled in nice shady spot close to a beach

What would be your choice and why?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Today's most coveted..... from a corner of Oxfordshire

Continuing my love of all things yellow and orange - here's my current wish list.

Whistles - Jungle Cat Pleated Dress

Style it with a fabulous belt.....

Reiss - Vienna Multi Strap Belt

And some fabulous shoes....

Miss KG - EVE

And finally, a Chunky Knit/ Coat for when the temperature drops

Jaeger - Waterfall Cardigan

If you want to visit any of these sites the links are provided below..........