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Monday, 30 May 2011

A word about beauty

Over the years i have spent a small fortune on cosmetic creams - most of which didn't work.

Fortunately, along the way i hit upon some really effective creams which i thought i should share with you.

Prone to a bit of adult acne, Origins Mega Mushroom Cream has been my saviour. It keeps my complexion mostly spot free. Most of the Origins concessions will do free sample pots so if you get a chance try it out.

I can also be prone to dry skin, Suti Organic Face Oil is fantastic when you need a bit of extra nourishment and it smells divine.

For crows feet (always worse over winter) try Wheatgerm oil. Massage a small amount in circular movements. It's one of the best finds and costs a lot less than some of the alternatives.

I've also been trialling L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream. I'm impressed with it (and it may just become my new favourite). The scent is nice and light and the cream itself isn't too thick. I think it's plumped up my skin and i've kept an even tone.

Finally - Fake Tan. Such a tricky thing. The only one that has ever really worked on my super light skin is the Fake Bake. You don't get any streaking and it actually looks natural. You can get it on the internet and a tube will last for the whole summer.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

All about the Blue

I couldn't avoid the blue today - it was just calling me!

It started with the shoes and the sequins.

(Pumps - Oasis)

You might remember this top from several posts back. It's really long (past my knees) so i tend to wrap it over a long t-shirt which makes it more wearable with trousers.

(Long Jersey top - Phase Eight)

To hold the top in place (a knot can be too bulky) i use a broach and this little fella is one of my favourites.

(Broach - East)

                                                       (Trousers and t-shirt - Topshop)

 What colour were you wearing today and why?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

The dilemma...

You know when you're searching for the perfect partner to a perfect piece of clothing, well that's where i'm at right now.

I have a black and white striped top (silk) that i absolutely adore and which usually gets worn with a long tee and blue jeans. The thing is, i know it's just screaming "put me with red, put me with red".

The dilemma is what kind of red trouser/ pant to go for. Do i do dutiful denim (foiled of course),  joyful jersey or sinful silk?

                     Eeney Meaney Miney Mo

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Style captured in paint

I have always drawn small figures in ink but recently, with free time on my hands, i have been able to explore turning these sketches into paintings.

I'm quietly pleased with the result, especially this last sketch which shows a lot of promise. I think this is the first time i've really captured 'style' in a painting - it reminds me of some of my fashion illustrations.

See what you think

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spooky Kooky

Every year the Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford has a late night opening with live music and activities. It's a great night out, especially wandering around the Pitt Rivers by torchlight. The collection is amazing at any time but at night it really comes into it's own.

Here are some photos of the just a few displays in all their haunting glory

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Art and Emotion

I think most artists would agree that their best work usually comes at times of heightened emotion, i know mine certainly does. There are times when i can't get the paint or ink on the canvas quick enough to release whatever emotion assails me. Sometimes the images are happy and celebrate a feeling of freedom, recently the images have come from a darker, retrospective place.

When i was in Bournemouth recently i came across a wall of tiles to commemorate the lives of people lost to Aids in Dorset. I thought some of the paintings represented on the tiles were incredibly powerful and beautiful

Whatever the reason or motivation that causes someone to produce a piece of work, art to me is as necessary as breathing.

Friday, 6 May 2011

What I wore

before i realised it was raining!

I've been up since 2.30am and in my insomniac haze felt the need for a bit of summer cheer. Cue my wedges and smock frock.

Hmmm, not the best idea i've ever had. just after i took this photo the heavens decided to open. Putting that to one side, how can i still be this white after slapping on the fake tan last night. Meh....celtic blood is not all it's cracked up to be.

Quick dash inside for required wardrobe change (although going anywhere quickly whilst wearing wedges is not for the faint of heart).

Before i get the galoshes and oil skins out, here's a closer look at what i would have been wearing today!

Wedges - New Look

Linen Tunic - Phase Eight

Cardigan - Monsoon
Hands in pockets = legs look skinnier!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Green Thumb

I seem to have developed green fingers over the last several months, for the first time i have managed not to kill my house plants. They've actually grown at a steady rate which got me thinking about expanding into 'grow your own veg'.

Homebase are doing £2 grow bags so this afternoon i nipped down to the local branch and bought myself one. I've planted some seeds for lettuce, onion, peppers and carrots and now the waiting begins.....

Oh and i thought i would have a go with a strawberry plant.....

Having a green thumb means i've also been attracting wasps and bees. I found this fella in my toilet this morning, thank goodness i didn't sit on it!


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Time Flies....

What a week. From the Royal Wedding, birthday celebrations and Spanx to Bournemouth and the benefits system. I'm cream crackered.

This year I turned 36, not something I am particularly happy about for several reasons. My brain refuses to tell my ego that my body is ageing so, apart from deafness and a general creaking in the bones, I seem to have developed a problem with my vision - I literally cannot see a door frame until I've smashed my face or some other body part in to it. How I have my own teeth is in itself a minor miracle.

That said i did manage to have an 'accident free' evening of birthday drinks with a couple of close friends. I wore bright yellow - I needed a positive colour and if it's good enough for the queen.....

This was also my first dabbling into the world of Spanx. I thought i was going to end up chewing on my own insides the way that unforgiving tube had me squeezed in. Needless to say the Spanx will not be coming out again anytime soon - i can't think of a single reason why these garments have been championed as 'comfort wear'.

Talking of the Queen and the royal wedding, this window display gave us a chuckle

The redundancy looms ever closer. I am officially unemployed on the 13th of this month (do you think they planned that). Now I am generally positive about moving on from a situation that was toxic but it does leave me with the daunting task of making some potentially life altering decisions. What if I make the wrong one? Some things can pass as funny when you're in your twenties not so much when your creeping up to 40.

Sunday, I travelled down to Bournemouth with my friend Clairebear.  Bournemouth is really quite lovely. I had a day to explore and in typical Twig fashion I decided to walk 10 miles rather than rely on the buses - but not in walking shoes, in sandals. Stupid. Really, really stupid.

On my adventures i spotted these handsome characters

I think i picked the windiest couple of days possible for my visit but the die hards were out in the surf enjoying the waves and the Amusements

The highlight of my visit was going to the Russell-Cotes Museum. I cannot recommend this highly enough if you are in the area. The house is breathtaking.


I wont bother to tell you about the Benefits - queues, forms, blah...