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Saturday, 15 January 2011


It all started with my first 'proper' pay check. You know the one, when you've finally got yourself a grown up job. When you can start talking about your 'career'.

With pay check in hand i decided to indulge a passion for fashion and style with my first purchase over and about £60.

Here's what I bought

Silk Boots....... ah, they still make me smile even though i haven't worn them for years.

I'm not a shoe addict as such, more an 'occasion shoe' addict.

You see for everyday I tend to wear sensible boots, pumps or sandals depending on the weather and the distance that needs to be covered. All pretty or stylish in their own right but not in the same sphere as 'Occasion Shoes'. A different thing altogether.

Occasion Shoes are the shoes saved for the event, the function, the holiday. The shoe bought with a destination rather than a function in mind.

These are the shoes that rarely come out of their box once they've made their debut but they are the ones that will stay in the closet, passed down to future generations. Hopefully those generations will have their own stories to imprint upon the soles and the shoes will keep on dancing to the tune of a new beat. Maybe this is where Jazz shoes come from. Soles mixing up individual beats as stories cross and intertwine?

These are some of my favourites and they all have a story....

I wonder if you can guess which ones were bought for a wedding?

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Dyche Designs said...

That's quite a collection you've got going. I love the grey ones in the photo before last. :0)