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Thursday, 18 April 2013

What would you wear.......

on your skin?

It's always a big debate isn't it. Tattoos - where, what, why.

I'm a big lover of tattoos as most people will know, particularly old school. I often spend time browsing for old photographs and looking for inspiration for my next piece. Don't get me wrong, I love good tattoos (there are far too many bad ones out there) especially where they have clear thought and meaning behind them. A good tattooist isn't something you can take for granted - do your research and find one that works in a way that will compliment and enhance your own aesthetic.

I'll be going down the route of two Swallows (Japanese wire tail), maybe some blossom detail as well. Whilst I continue to search for my reference pieces I thought I would leave you with these beautiful finds.

unless they are really, really bad!

Image: Unknown

I love the intimacy and concentration in this photo

Amore modern take that really caught my eye

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Kathryn said...

Still searching for my inspiration. Things I was thinking about would require it to be a big piece and I don't want to go big for my first one. Current thinking is raven claws with a feather incorporated somehow.