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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Style Edit

It's been a while since i did a style edit so here's another lesson on layering for you.

I was prompted to share this outfit edit with you thanks to a lovely comment i received when wearing this dress the other day. Unlike the previous style edits this one also illustrates how to 'fix' a garment when the fit isn't 100%.

Step One - Locate Dress

Problem - The fit is not quite there. I mean i'm all for pushing boundaries (as most of you know) but the saggy boob look is just one step too far even for me.

(Jersey Dress - All Saints)

Solution - Needle and Thread. Decide how much you need to shorten the straps to bring the bust material up. If you have a mannequin great but if not use a dress makers chalk to mark the straps at the point where they correctly sit on your shoulder.  

Because the straps on this dress interlock i needed to sew them through the actual strap itself.

Use a thread as close to the colour of the material as possible and buy good quality so the thread is strong and holds.

Try on the dress to make sure the alteration is to the correct length.

Once satisfied (and this took two alterations so don't give up on the first attempt!) you're ready to build the outfit.

Step Two - Choose your under garment. With summer dresses i usually wear a bikini top or a bandeau/ vest. Your choice depending on where and when you're going to wear it.

(Bikini Top - All Saints)

This creates your first layer.....

Step Three: Add contrasting detail. I love wrap tops because of their versatility, this one is a wool charcoal wrap.  Word of warning though - check where it sits. This dress has a wide empire line so you can wrap the top to disguise or highlight it depending on your shape.

(Charcoal Shrug - Kew)
I need to show some of the empire line so i scrunch up the wrap top as so....

Step Four: Dare to bare? I tend to get cold quite quickly which means leggings are my best friend for dresses when it's a tad too chilly to get the legs out. 

(Leggings - TopShop)
Step Five: Shoes v Sandals: Here's me wishing for the sun in open toe sandals. The silver t-bar picks up the grey of the dress and adds some interest

(Silk Scarf - Alexander McQueen)
(Sandals -Monsoon Accessorize)

Step Six: Accessorise. I love scarves and a silk one like this is ideal to add an extra layer but keep things light. I would probably opt for this over a necklace given the line of the bikini strap.

That's it, you're done. For extra options like adding colour here are some other ideas for you....

(Red Wrap Top - Kew)

(swapping the bikini top for a vest - top from TopShop)

(adding a wide belt to accentuate the waist - belt from Jigsaw)

(using a shrug to show off more of the dress and keep the layers light - Shrug from Jane Norman)

(using a knit and ballerina pumps if it gets really chilly - Cardigan from Hobbs. Pumps from Clarks)

(Again, using a wide belt to emphasise a waist - belt from Jigsaw)

I hope you enjoyed this edit, if you have time to leave a comment i would love to get your feedback including any particular outfits or styles you would like to see on here.

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Dyche Designs said...

I love that jigsaw belt, I really need to try the belt thing out define my waist a bit more and draw attention away from my hips. Love the whole layering thing too, you have it down.