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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The start of a dream

Bournemouth. Two weeks of hard work and plenty of fun.

First off i managed to get myself an interview at House of Fraser and the signs are all positive. I also have an interview with Beales this Friday so very soon i should be reporting that i am back in employment.

Finding a flat is proving trickier. Most of the properties go so fast you have to be ready to sign on the line there and then. What this means is i have to gamble by giving notice on my current place before I've secured a place down there but i have faith it will work out.

So anyway, the fortnight kicked off with a bite to eat at Nando's before moving on to see 'The Hangover II'. I hated the first one but this made me laugh out loud so many times i thought i might be evicted for being a public nuisance.

 Later in the week we settled on Thai in a lovely little Charminster restaurant.

Good thing we did quite a bit of walking with all these tasty treats. The grow bags placed on top of the bus shelters made me chuckle!

As did these happy buckets in one of the local florists. Brilliant!

We also stopped at Starz for a coffee. Such a great place if you get chance to visit.

Claire showing off her new ring :-)

There was also a bit of shopping to be done. How funky are these shoes! I just had to stop and take a picture.

This was me being 'clothes room assistant'. Check out the number of accessories (and no they weren't for me!)

I was feeling particularly co-ordinated this day with my new River Island Aviators. Ha, ha - not that i took inspiration from the Hangover or anything.

Later in the week both Claire and I had a make-over at the Chanel counter in Beales.

I'm still not convinced i can pull off bright red lipstick but this was the day i scored a job interview so maybe that should tell me something.

So that's installment one, there are so many photos i need to post my trip in two parts. 


Shils said...

Great to see both you and claire looking so well! Will await with fingers crossed :-) x

Love at First Blush said...

Good luck on your job interviews!! Looks like you had an amazing time in Bournemouth.

And everyone needs a good red lip color! I think you can pull it off!