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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

It's a good thing my favourite colour of the moment is Orange

So as you know i ventured into the hairdresser yesterday with a request that she take my bleached white hair to a softer mix of colours. The purpose is to move away from monthly colouring (or bleaching in my case) so i can save pennies.

It's actually no easy task but we ended up weaving through three colours. She warned me at the start that some of it would look orange - unavoidable if i want to get dark tones through my hair (and i didn't want an all over chestnut).

Here's what i started with

And here's what i ended up with.....

The orange will go a warm brown at the next (and last) session but even putting this aside i have to confess - i love it!

It's made my skin look sooooo much better having some warmth back in my hair. I think this is one i will definitely be sticking with.

Now for the next challenge - no hair washing until Thursday. Eek!

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Dyche Designs said...

Looks interesting . . . definitley adds more warmth to your face. I know you loved the bleach blonde but honestly I prefer you with a little more color. x