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Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Hair Dilemma

As most of you will know i lose my job on the 13th May. It's been a long time coming and there are plenty of decisions that i will need to make to adjust to a new (skint) lifestyle.

One of the casualties of joining the jobless will be my hair. It's currently bleached to within an inch of it's life which costs a few pretty pennies each month. Such extravagant spending will need to stop which leaves me in a bit of a pickle

I feel something like this

You can see that my hair is naturally dark - thus the dilemma. I need to find a colour that will blend with my dark hair without reverting back to brown

What would you do?

These are a few images that i'll be taking into the hairdresser as an idea

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Dyche Designs said...

I like the idea of putting some brown through it as low lights to break it up but you'll still get regrowth. The other alternative is to dye it back to your natural color so that when it grows out you won't see such regrowth. Mmmmm decisions, decisions. I wanted to try and get rid of the red in my hair for the summer so I put a brown dye on but it's too light and looks funky right now!

kat @ featherfactor said...

All those colors are lovely - I think Nicole Richie's shade and style will look nice on you...:)