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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Yellow Vest

OK so this one is for Sheila.

On my wedding post i featured a yellow vest by Tibi. A pricey little number which puts it outside an average budget.

Here are some lower priced tops that are equally as gorgeous (the last one is my absolute favourite - it's a poke you in the eye kind of yellow)..... enjoy!

Not forgetting a great pair of Boots of course!
All from Zara and priced (top down) £29.99, £59.99 and £69.99

If those don't do it for you then try these

Topshop priced (top down) £30 and £32


Dyche Designs said...

I think the top one would be my favorite . . . nice affordable picks.

Sheila said...

I have a similar on to the top one - which I got from GAP but daffodil yellow :-) Also have satin one in a v-neck with a pleated bow on the front from M&S. Wear them when I'm not in a wallflower state of mind!