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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Custom made

So this whole fancy dress idea has really got me hooked. Here's a rough sketch of the look i'm going to try and pull together using whatever i can lay my hands on (and yes that is a bird cage in the hair!). Colour wise i'm thinking gold, gold and more gold.

Anyway, after lusting over the Louboutins that I can't afford i decided i needed some gold shoes. I'm not sure why but about 3am this morning i woke up thinking gold leaf.

Going with this 'mad morning moment' i dug out some old suede heels that i never wear, covered the heels with glue and sprinkled liberally with the gold leaf of my dreams.

So far so good so i got all bold and decided to do the whole shoe

Ta da

Once the glue had dried i rolled the gold leaf with the shaft of a pencil to flatten out the coating. I'm pretty impressed with the result even if i do say so myself.

Now all i need to find is a mahusive ball gown and an even bigger wig and i'll be all set!


Love at First Blush said...

They look awesome!! Great idea to take some old shoes and re-invent them!

Dyche Designs said...

You go girl!