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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Marie Antionette.....

I've been set a new challenge - come up with a fancy dress outfit by September. It's an open theme so anything goes.

I once went to a fancy dress party in an Orangutan outfit, it's a look you can only do once so i had to channel some other ideas.

Given my penchant for dressing up I've decided to do a 'Marie Antionette'. Not all that sensible now I've started researching it all. Finding a dress is going to be problematic or should i say a dress of the right proportions! My seamstress skills are going to need some polishing to pull this one off!

Then there's the shoes - these Louboutin numbers will set you back over £6k. Such a shame, they would look great on my feet.

At least the hair should be easier. I've always wanted to wear a birdcage in my hair (blame it on the children's books of yesteryear) - my hairdresser is going to have fun with this one.

So, my shopping list will need to cover

1) second hand ball gown
2) lots of net petticoats
3) extra fabric to drape on dress
4) hair extensions
5) birdcage
6) pearl embellishments
7) satin heels
8) bows
9) white face powder

I can't wait!

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