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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

To Rome or not to Rome..... that is the question

So i'm currently debating a September holiday to Rome. It's one of those cities that i have always wanted to visit because of the architecture, history and of course the atmosphere (who doesn't love the Rome depicted in the old black and white movies).

I have never managed to get myself organised enough to book a trip but with all the recent changes in my life i'm starting to think i should make a concerted effort to get over there. This is the year for positive action after all, or at least that's what my horoscope keeps telling me.

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I can't help but drool at the thought of all the photo opportunities, from the Vatican and St Peter's Basilica to the Trevi Fountain and the Catacombs.

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Then there's the fashion and street style. I can people watch for hours and something tells me i wouldn't be disappointed with the characters that would cross my path.

I'm not sure i could be this glamorous but i could give it a good go!

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(Image courtesy of Fabio Derby's Photostream. Flickr)

With all this bumbling around my head i couldn't help but snap up these sandals. They just seemed to scream 'Whilst in Rome' right at me when i passed the shop window. Now i know i shouldn't be spending money on such fripperies at the moment but after the 18 months i've just had i'm not going to give myself too hard a time. Hopefully these little gems will carry me through the cobbled streets and i'll be reporting back on a holiday i was glad not to miss.

(Sandals from River Island)


Dyche Designs said...

Cute sandals, very romanesque. I say if you can afford it, go for it.

Love at First Blush said...

Ooo.. Love those sandals of yours! I wish River Island could pop up a store in Canada.

Your answer to your Rome questions is you should definitely go!!