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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Challenge

This year i have set myself the challenge of doing things i would normally avoid, due to fear and self doubt.

One of the challenges i set myself was to attend a life drawing class to practice my drawing skills. I've always felt too shy and self conscious about my level of ability to go to a class before so it was with a significant degree of fear that i attended my first ever class last Thursday.

The class was nothing like i expected, firstly i didn't find myself feeling awkward when the young male model bounced onto the modelling platform in all his youthful glory. I gave myself a pat on the back for that. The first few poses were only held for minutes at a time. By the time i had sketched a hand (i needed to build up courage) the class leader was already asking the model to change - i broke out in a sweat trying to keep up. Fortunately, the poses got longer and I was able to relax into it (second pat on the back). Being able to really look at the naked human form was fascinating, the thing i noticed most was the muscle definition and how beautiful just one feature can be.

Having to draw quickly as a warm up was a great exercise, it made me realise that i am far too precious over the details. By the end of the session i managed to produce something i was vaguely happy with and I also felt a sincere gratitude to the young model for affording me such a great experience.

I have a long way to go before i master scale and perspective but i will definitely be doing more classes, having seen the improvement i made in my sketches just in that one short hour i am sure i can create something to be proud of after several.

Take a look ..... (apologies for the darkness of the photos)


Dyche Designs said...

You did amazing, especially with a nude male model at your first class. Can't wait to see the results of some other classes.

Mag Wint said...

Your first male nude !
Looking forward to more.

Mag W