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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Like a Magpie

I love collecting shiny, beautiful things. More than anywhere else this is obvious in the jewellery i wear and i am lucky enough to have inherited and been gifted the most beautiful pieces.

This is my late grandmothers cameo broach, the face of the lady is especially beautiful. I use it to fasten cardigans instead of using buttons. My grandparents are no longer with us but small pieces like this bring back such happy memories and i know they would be pleased to see them still being worn.

This is a piece i bought for myself from Pia Jewellers. I have a real thing for big statement rings and this is my current favourite. It's an unfolding flower which makes me mindful of the new seasons unfolding as i sit here desperate for Spring to bring in her warmth and renewal.

My Aunty Viv gave me this knecklace, it has the most wonderful colours that change from black to purple depending on how the light catches it. I don't actually know what the stone is but it looks great with really simple cut black dresses. The chain is shaped in a heart because my Aunty has a very special place in mine.

A gift from my mother. This is such a beautifully crafted locket. The front is open so you can see to the charm inside. The charm is a small daisy that hangs and moves with your movement. The really special thing about this locket is the Welsh Gold. We Dyche's are very proud of our Welsh heritage and this piece reminds me of the summers spent as a small child walking the Black Mountains side by side with the wild ponies. The locket is from CLOGAU Gold. Thank you Mum x

Another gift from a friend with the biggest heart. I was gifted these Pia earings for my 35th birthday and they make a regular appearance. They are so delicate and pretty they never fail to get me a compliment.

I wonder what pieces of jewellery hold special meaning for you? I would love to know

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Dyche Designs said...

Beautiful showcase of pieces. As you know I'm not really a jewelry wearer but the piece that holds the most sentimental value for me has to be the black mizpah brooch that you so kindly placed in my care. x