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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Time Flies....

What a week. From the Royal Wedding, birthday celebrations and Spanx to Bournemouth and the benefits system. I'm cream crackered.

This year I turned 36, not something I am particularly happy about for several reasons. My brain refuses to tell my ego that my body is ageing so, apart from deafness and a general creaking in the bones, I seem to have developed a problem with my vision - I literally cannot see a door frame until I've smashed my face or some other body part in to it. How I have my own teeth is in itself a minor miracle.

That said i did manage to have an 'accident free' evening of birthday drinks with a couple of close friends. I wore bright yellow - I needed a positive colour and if it's good enough for the queen.....

This was also my first dabbling into the world of Spanx. I thought i was going to end up chewing on my own insides the way that unforgiving tube had me squeezed in. Needless to say the Spanx will not be coming out again anytime soon - i can't think of a single reason why these garments have been championed as 'comfort wear'.

Talking of the Queen and the royal wedding, this window display gave us a chuckle

The redundancy looms ever closer. I am officially unemployed on the 13th of this month (do you think they planned that). Now I am generally positive about moving on from a situation that was toxic but it does leave me with the daunting task of making some potentially life altering decisions. What if I make the wrong one? Some things can pass as funny when you're in your twenties not so much when your creeping up to 40.

Sunday, I travelled down to Bournemouth with my friend Clairebear.  Bournemouth is really quite lovely. I had a day to explore and in typical Twig fashion I decided to walk 10 miles rather than rely on the buses - but not in walking shoes, in sandals. Stupid. Really, really stupid.

On my adventures i spotted these handsome characters

I think i picked the windiest couple of days possible for my visit but the die hards were out in the surf enjoying the waves and the Amusements

The highlight of my visit was going to the Russell-Cotes Museum. I cannot recommend this highly enough if you are in the area. The house is breathtaking.


I wont bother to tell you about the Benefits - queues, forms, blah...

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Dyche Designs said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. When are you going to learn to wear decent shoes for walking in, he, he.