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Monday, 30 May 2011

A word about beauty

Over the years i have spent a small fortune on cosmetic creams - most of which didn't work.

Fortunately, along the way i hit upon some really effective creams which i thought i should share with you.

Prone to a bit of adult acne, Origins Mega Mushroom Cream has been my saviour. It keeps my complexion mostly spot free. Most of the Origins concessions will do free sample pots so if you get a chance try it out.

I can also be prone to dry skin, Suti Organic Face Oil is fantastic when you need a bit of extra nourishment and it smells divine.

For crows feet (always worse over winter) try Wheatgerm oil. Massage a small amount in circular movements. It's one of the best finds and costs a lot less than some of the alternatives.

I've also been trialling L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream. I'm impressed with it (and it may just become my new favourite). The scent is nice and light and the cream itself isn't too thick. I think it's plumped up my skin and i've kept an even tone.

Finally - Fake Tan. Such a tricky thing. The only one that has ever really worked on my super light skin is the Fake Bake. You don't get any streaking and it actually looks natural. You can get it on the internet and a tube will last for the whole summer.

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