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Friday, 6 May 2011

What I wore

before i realised it was raining!

I've been up since 2.30am and in my insomniac haze felt the need for a bit of summer cheer. Cue my wedges and smock frock.

Hmmm, not the best idea i've ever had. just after i took this photo the heavens decided to open. Putting that to one side, how can i still be this white after slapping on the fake tan last night. Meh....celtic blood is not all it's cracked up to be.

Quick dash inside for required wardrobe change (although going anywhere quickly whilst wearing wedges is not for the faint of heart).

Before i get the galoshes and oil skins out, here's a closer look at what i would have been wearing today!

Wedges - New Look

Linen Tunic - Phase Eight

Cardigan - Monsoon
Hands in pockets = legs look skinnier!

1 comment:

Dyche Designs said...

Too cute, love the photo outside, what a nightmare the rain set in. Think I must be sympathising with you because my insommnia struck last night too.

I've been looking for some cute wedges out here but haven't sound a pair yet.