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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Green Thumb

I seem to have developed green fingers over the last several months, for the first time i have managed not to kill my house plants. They've actually grown at a steady rate which got me thinking about expanding into 'grow your own veg'.

Homebase are doing £2 grow bags so this afternoon i nipped down to the local branch and bought myself one. I've planted some seeds for lettuce, onion, peppers and carrots and now the waiting begins.....

Oh and i thought i would have a go with a strawberry plant.....

Having a green thumb means i've also been attracting wasps and bees. I found this fella in my toilet this morning, thank goodness i didn't sit on it!



Dyche Designs said...

He, he, he, I can't believe you're growing your own veg, go twig.

My green thumb got up and ran the other direction so I stick with dried twigs these days, besides any plant I bring into the house the cats munch on.

Have fun with it.

Sam said...

Really good to get into the whole GYO business. If you've got room, get a fruit tree. So easy to look after and so rewarding to pick your own apples, pears, cherries etc. Failing that, potatoes and tomatoes are both really really easy to grow and nothing beats steaming your very own fresh spuds!:)

Watch out for slugs on your lettuces though, the little blighters all but decimated my own crop last year. A thick layering of vaseline can sometimes be effective in controlling them (assuming you'd rather not kill them - I prefer not to myself) but you really need to keep a close eye and pick off any invaders as they appear.

Good luck with it all. Very exciting!